Local football rivals: HV v. CS

Rita Faltas, Staff Reporter

When the two known rivalry teams played against each other on November the 8th, 2019, there was tension. Will Hidden Valley win again and finish the season with a nine years of winning against Cave and move on to the playoffs? Hidden valley finished strong with a score of 0-35.The game was at Bogle field.

“We played a good game start to finish and everyone got to play so it was exciting for the players and,” said Coach Scott Weaver, gym P.E teacher and football coach.

“We did really well offensively and defensively it was magnificent,” said Lennox White (#56), freshman.

Also Mr. Weaver added that even though they lost a couple of games they have progressed every well this season and that they’re excited and looking forward for the second week of playoffs.

Football games are known to have really hipped up student section. Student sections are supposed to keep the positive energy for the team during the game. Cave Spring’s student section left around half way through the game after throwing baby powder in the air leaving parents and the band only to cheer the team and to keep them going. While the Hidden Valley student section and the band was celebrating the win.