Fair Pay to Play


Madelyn Toler, Reporter

Recently California Governor, Gavin Newsom signed off on the ‘‘fair pay to play act’’, that allows college athletes to promote products, companies, and be able to benefit from the use of their image. Their collegiate experience has brought upon major publicity. In January of 2023 the new bill is scheduled to go into effect.

This new bill is already causing a big commotion within the college sports community. The athletes have become frustrated at the lack of the financial earnings of their promising acts representing their school. The idea came from college athletes not being rewarded for all of their hard work, and instead money they earned went to the universities they were upholding.

Kacie Hanson (12) disagrees with the pay to play bill.

“You are in college primarily for education and moving on to the next stage of your life”, Hanson goes on to say how she believes once college athletes start getting paid then it will be all about the money instead of their overall college experience.

While there are many different opinions on the new bill, it doesn’t look like they will come to a conclusion any time soon.