Harrison Withers’ golf adventure

golf ball on tee

golf ball on tee

Madeline Hippeard, Reporter

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From September 24 to September 29, Harrison Withers participated in the Pure Insurance Open Impacting the First Tee golf tournament in Pebble Beach California. The tournament is basically nationals for golfers across the United States and anyone can apply for it. From over 200 applications, 78 juniors are selected to participate in this tournament through an application process. According to Harrison, application is a long process that involves having your application viewed by a national panel of judges, who decide whether you get invited to the tournament. Throughout the three day tournament, the field slowly gets cut to 23 people to play the final round, including Harrison. Out of 78 participants, Harrison came in 16th place, which is extremely impressive. Harrison said his experience was “pretty incredible” and that “it was really special” and “awesome overall.”

For Harrison to get invited to a highly selective national golf tournament is a huge achievement. Hidden Valley should be exceptionally proud of him. Be sure to congratulate him on his success if you see him in the halls, or at lunch, or even during class, just don’t interrupt the teacher. Harrison, on behalf of all Hidden Valley students, congratulations!