Common setup for a E-Sports competition

Common setup for a E-Sports competition

Jayden Smiley, Reporter

Over the past decade videogames have gone from a niche form of entertainment to a power house of competition and popularity with the introduction of E-Sports. E-Sports is the new kind of sport that has taken the world by storm and averages millions of viewers every month. Platforms like Mixer, Twitch and DLive have all been made just for people to spectate the sport and watch their favorite player do what they do best. Common arguments about why it’s considered a sport has been a topic of debate since its debut. There are valid arguments on both sides with people saying a sport has to be a physically feat of strength, endurance, and skill. The other side believes a sport is anything that involves competition, skill and a way to play with a team or against others.

Rick Fox, a former basketball player for the Lakers who played with Shaquille O’Neal now owns his Own E-Sports league with his son, Echo Fox. Rick coming from a background of professional sports himself, personally believes E-Sports are indeed a sport and the players themselves are athletes saying “I think about what it took for me to become a professional athlete, it took a lot of concentration, a lot of dedication, practice, preparation, stamina. The more I watched my son peruse this career and the more I watched him introduce me to the world as it is which is professional gaming, they’re sponsored, they have careers and they make hundreds of thousands of dollars.” Rick is still the owner of Echo Fox and they are still in the E-Sports scene competing in dozens of different genres of games.

E-sports has grown to have hundreds of games and communities with many different types of games. Fighting games like Mortal Combat, Super Smash Bros., and Street Fighter dominate the fighting game scene with hundreds of thousands of fans watching every month. There are also your common FPS like Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege, and CSGO who also have drawn in lots of viewers and tournaments. A new genre, Battle Royale have exploded in popularity since around 2017 and are still on the rise. Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends are the new kings of E-Sports with millions of viewers playing and watching every month. People such as Drake and DJ Marshmello have taking a liking to Fortnite with Marshmello even playing competitively with popular streamer Ninja and having his own skin in the game. These games are less than four years old and are currently dominating the E-Sports scene with no sign of stopping soon.

E-Sports is looking to be one of the most popular forms of entertainment and competition in upcoming years with videogames becoming more popular every day. Colleges have even started to give scholarships to people for E-Sports. Colleges now represent E-Sports as an official league with their own sponsors and teams. Even before college, organizations like Faze, TSM, Liquid, and Cloud9 have been recruiting players since the early 2000’s to build a team of players to represent and compete. E-Sports will continue to grow and change over the years, with new technology with VR, more body involved games, and it might just be the next biggest spectator sport in the world.