MLB Playoff Races

The MLB playoffs begin on October 1st.

The MLB playoffs begin on October 1st.

Phillip Smith, Reporter

The MLB playoffs are rapidly approaching, and it seems that most races have been decided, unless something drastic happens in the final week of baseball. The two races left to be decided are the American League Wild Card, and who will have home field advantage through the playoff.

The American League Wild Card has three teams vying for two spots. The Athletics are in first place, but they only have a half game lead over the Rays. The Rays are also barely gripping their spot, as the Indians are only a half-game behind them. The team that finishes first of the three will host the team that finishes second in a one game playoff. The loser is eliminated and the winner will play either the Astros or Yankees in the Divisional Series.

“I love watching the Wild Card games because they are the highest stakes. The winner moves on and the loser is out, and their season is over,” said Samuel Dragovich (10).

The Astros and Yankees are trying to get home field advantage for the playoffs, as the last time the two teams played in the playoffs, it went 7 games and the home team won every game. The Astros hold a game and a half lead for this with each team having 5 or less games left.

“Home field is very valuable in baseball, because the home team always has chance to come back, and they have the fans cheering them on,” said Grayson Odenwelder (10).

Other teams have qualified for the playoffs as well. The Dodgers, Braves, Cardinals, and Nationals have passed the threshold to make the playoffs in the National League, and it would take a miracle for the Brewers to miss the playoffs at this point. In the American League, the Astros, Yankees, and Twins have qualified, and the then the three teams previously mentioned in the Wild Card chase are in a battle for the last two spots.