Homecoming Pep Rally


Makayla Metzler during the pie eating contest

Madeline Hippeard, Reporter

On September 13, students of Hidden Valley High School gathered in the gymnasium to watch the first pep rally of the school year. During the pep rally, students witnessed a pie eating contest, a dizzy relay race, a cheer leading routine, and the announcement of the homecoming court.

Although the activities were all student selected, according to student activities coordinator, Mrs. Atkins; the majority of students in attendance thought the pep rally was a major let down. Mrs. Atkins explained that due to the two hour early dismissal that day, the pep rally had to be cut short, in order to allow some class time during fourth block.

By shortening the time allowed for the pep rally, certain activities were cut short, or cut out of the pep rally altogether. Mrs. Atkins would appreciate more involvement from the football team in next year’s pep rally, as it is mainly for the team.

She would also like anyone who has suggestions for next year’s pep rally, or anyone who would like to help with it, to come see her in classroom 201.