Premier League Preseason


Rita Faltas, staff reporter

The lads are back! Premier League is an English top level football (soccer) league. It’s made out of 20 clubs, including: Liverpool, Man. City, Leicester City, Crystal Palace, Arsenal, Everton, West Ham, Man United, Tottenham, Sheff Utd, Chelsea, Burnley FC, Southampton, Newcastle, Bournemouth, Brighton, Wolves, Aston Villa, Norwich City, and Watford, operating on a system of promotion and relegation.

Even though preseasons don’t actually matter, games are played to get players back in shape for the season after a long summer break.

“The preseason is helpful because it gives teams an opportunity to play the younger players and see how they fit in with the senior players on the team,” said Mr. Andy Clapper, Technology Instructor and avid fan of Tottenham. He also added, “Playing preseason gives the new players an opportunity to play before it actually counts.”

Due to the small geographical area that is England, there are bitter rivalries between teams because their stadiums might be only a mile or two apart.  For instance, there are six clubs in the London area alone  Some of the fiercest rivals are Tottenham and Arsenal, both located in North London.  “I don’t like Arsenal,” Mr. Clapper added.

Winning the league is the biggest prize and often amounts to over $186 million in payouts.  However, avoiding finishing in the bottom three is also a big deal due to relegation.  The three last placed finishers have to move down a league level and miss out on $37 million in TV contract money.  When asked who he thought was going to win this year, Mr. Clapper’s response was, “Man. City again, I hate to say it.” They currently sit in second place, five points behind Liverpool.

When asked about Tottenham’s chances to win, Mr. Clapper replied, “They need to stay healthy, because there are a lot of injuries right now.” Tottenham currently sits in third, four spots above their main rival, Arsenal.