Andrew Luck retirement


Andrew Luck suddenly retires in week 3 of the NFL preseason.

Jayden Smiley, Reporter

Andrew Luck took the league by surprise this preseason by announcing his retirement in the middle of a game. Colts fans, in disbelief and anger, booed Luck on his way off the field.


In a later press conference Luck explained his sudden retirement. “I’ve been stuck in this process, I haven’t been able to live the life I want to live,” said Andrew Luck. After the 2016 season Luck was injured and could not practice regularly with the team. Luck was in a cycle of injury, pain, and rehabilitation and decided to do what was best for him and he retired. Luck was very emotional during his retirement speech wishing his teammates, coaches, and Colts staff the best of luck and his thanks for their hospitality throughout the years. “This was the hardest decision of my life”, said luck during the press conference. He did not want to put football behind him but his injuries and his wellness came before his role as quarterback.


Luck’s retirement not only effected this upcoming NFL season but also impacted the Fantasy League heavily. People who drafted Luck onto their teams were shocked to find out he retired in as little as two minutes after they drafted him. Lucks retirement was very shocking to fans of the NFL for good reason, but Lucks condition emotionally and physically has only deteriorated from 2016 when his injuries stared to stack up more than anybody should have. His choice to retire was solely to keep his health up and to continue doing the things he wants to do in life.