March Madness

March Madness was filled with plenty of exciting moments this year!

March Madness was filled with plenty of exciting moments this year!

Carson Wood, Staff Reporter

Every year March Madness is one of the most highly anticipated sporting events and it’s easy to see why. 64 teams are selected to compete in the tournament and every team has a chance to win a national championship even though some teams have a much better chance of winning it all. This year did not disappoint as it was filled with plenty of upsets, blowouts, and emotions.

The four one seeds of this year’s tournament were Duke, North Carolina, Gonzaga, and Virginia. All of the one seeds made it to at least the Sweet Sixteen and the only one that made it past the Elite Eight was Virginia who happened to make it all the way to the championship. Duke as usual was a unanimous national championship contender starting out in the first round but after narrowly escaping UCF and Virginia Tech by a margin of two or less points, people started to worry if their brackets would soon be busted. North Carolina was the only one seed that didn’t advance to the Elite Eight, they were taken down by the five-seeded Auburn Tigers ended up making a run to the Final Four. Gonzaga made it to the Elite Eight but they were outlasted by Texas Tech who in the end would lose to Virginia in the National Championship.

Every year there are plenty of upsets throughout the tournament and this year was no different. In the first round, the 12-seeded Oregon Ducks beat Wisconsin and Oregon would later make a run to the Sweet Sixteen. UC Irvine who was a 13 seed took down 4-seeded Kansas State but UC Irvine would go on to lose their next game in the round of 32. The 11-seeded Ohio State Buckeyes beat the 6-seeded Iowa State Cyclones but Ohio State would also later lose in the round of 32. 12-seeded Murray State took down 5-seeded Marquette but Murray State would not make it past the round of 32 either. Lastly, 12-seeded Liberty took down 5-seeded Mississippi State but Liberty would suffer the same fate of almost all the other upsets and lost in the round of 32.

After all the madness, only Virginia and Texas Tech were left standing. The game went into overtime but Virginia pulled out the close victory in overtime and winning their first national championship in men’s basketball. This year’s tournament definitely did not disappoint and fans are already wanting more.