Tennis coach



Journee Trotter, Sports Editor

Like many other teams at Hidden Valley, boy’s tennis is no stranger to the theme of winning. Ryan Teague, or Mr. Teague, has been taking on the role of head varsity coach and full-time teacher for over a decade. After the job became too much to take on, he resigned this past fall.

The position has since been filled by Coach Myron, who also helps with the boys’ basketball team. While the coaching position has been achieved, it debatable that the reasoning behind the long wait for a replacement is being underpaid.

While the exact payroll of the coaching position is not known, it’s arguable that coaches are not getting paid enough for the amount of time they spent building and critiquing a program. The national average salary for a coaching position is around $55,000, which is around $5,000 less than teachers. While coaching and teaching require different qualifications, it’s no unknown fact that they are equal in caliber when it comes to the people’s lives they are affecting. Like a teacher creating lesson plans or grading homework, a coach puts in many hours of their personal lives toward the success of a team only to be paid a great amount less than jobs similar to theirs.

Of course, anyone that feels as such a time-consuming and tedious job, should have a higher payment wage. Especially if one feels as if the impact that they are creating on a student, is the same as any other teacher could have. Coaches spend the week coaching, or even playing games, and their weekend is spent finding ways to prepare for the next. It’s a tedious and time-consuming job that deserves to have more recognition.

Coaching is complicated, more complex than just wins and losses. It comes down to overall performance in the sport and in the classroom, along with standards and procedures that coaches and players must abide by. It starts from the time players and coaches wake up, to the time practice is over, which proceeds many of the classes and criteria that school touches on.

So, when it comes to the struggles that were faced when trying to find a replacement for the tennis coaching position, a main indicator of this is due to the lack of paygrade. Many candidates felt as if it wasn’t worth it to add commitment onto their other prior commitments with that low of a salary, but now that there is a replacement in place, one can only hope that the tennis program reaches the same success that it has in previous years with Coach Teague.