Duke Basketball

This year's Duke team has impressed so far.

This year's Duke team has impressed so far.

Philip Smith, Staff Reporter

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The college basketball season started off with a bang this year. They moved the Champions Classic to the first night of the season, and led to two high profile games to kick the season off. The one that caught people’s attention was Duke Vs Kentucky, two highly ranked blueblood schools, with Duke being ranked fourth in the country, and Kentucky being ranked second. The part that caught people’s attention was the score, with Duke drubbing Kentucky in a 118-84 contest.

This event was surprising, to say the least. Kentucky went into the game as a two point favorite, so it was not big news that Duke won, it was just the fashion they won it in. Duke returned no starters from last year’s Elite 8 team, but they did have the top recruiting class of the year. They reeled in the top three recruits in the class, and two others in the top 50, according to ESPN 100. The question about this Duke team is was how the freshman would mesh with each other and the upperclassmen. That question seemed to be answered after the Kentucky game. Duke only committed four turnovers the whole game.

The three players that have impressed the most this year for the Blue Devils have been RJ Barrett, Zion Williamson, and Cameron Reddish. RJ Barrett has shown an ability to sneak his way to his basket with ease, has a nice shot from three, and his defense has been stout. The most exciting player in college basketball right now, Zion Williamson, has not only impressed with his highlight dunks and blocks, but with his ability to pass and score. He has shown uncanny jumping ability for his size, and incredible quickness. Finally, Cameron Reddish. He has been the least noticed of the three, but has been equally impressive. He has been lights out from beyond the arc this year, and very impressive from the foul line.

Combining these stars, and a bench that seems deeper than originally anticipated, this Duke team could be very well on its way towards college basketball greatness.

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