Young Quarterbacks Taking Over

Trevor Lawrence is the new face of Clemson football.

Trevor Lawrence is the new face of Clemson football.

Philip Smith, Staff Reporter

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The College football season has started, and some familiar faces are missing, such as Alabama’s Jalen Hurts and Clemson’s Kelly Bryant. Both were beaten out in a quarterback battle by a younger quarterback, with Hurts being replaced by Tua Tagovailoa, the hero of last year’s national championship game against Georgia, and Kelly Bryant being replaced by a highly touted recruit, Trevor Lawrence.

This would not have been possible if the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) had not changed the redshirt rule. A redshirt is when a college athlete will take a year to get stronger and do not lose a year of their eligibility while doing it. However, once you stepped on the field, you lost your redshirt, but now you can play four games and still have your redshirt intact. This allows coaches to play different players and test them out. So, the coaches are willing to test the young player and see how he does in a game environment.

Trevor Lawrence was in a tight battle for the starting quarterback at Clemson against Kelly Bryant. Lawrence finally edged Bryant out in Week 4 against Georgia Tech, throwing for 4 touchdowns and 176 yards. Lawrence was named the starter after the game, and Bryant transferred several days later.

Tua Tagovailoa had a very different path towards gaining his starting job. Jalen Hurts was the starter all last year and led Alabama to the College Football Playoff Championship game. In the championship game, Alabama trailed 13-0 at halftime, and their offense was not producing, so they turned to Tua, a more dynamic, risky player. He went on to lead Alabama all the way back, and they won in overtime 26-23 against the Georgia Bulldogs. At the start of the year, Alabama’s coach Nick Saban decided to go with their hero in the championship game, and their offense has looked better than it did at any point last year.

“I have always been taught that the best eleven play, no matter the experience,” said Sam Dragovich (9) the starting JV quarterback.

These coaches have the decided to go against the precedent, and have reaped the benefits of their decisions.

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