Girl’s Lacrosse Continues To Strive on the Field

The lacrosse team is 5-0 on the season so far this year.

The lacrosse team is 5-0 on the season so far this year.

Aaliyah Tribble, Reporter

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The Hidden Valley Girl’s Lacrosse team had a long, hard road to success, and it doesn’t seem as though their success is going to waver anytime soon. They are undefeated so far this season (7-0), and have high hopes for what is to come.

The Titans have played only a few seasons as a varsity sport, and the years have varied in success.

Ally Weneta (11) has played lacrosse for HV for the past four years, and said that the team has experienced adversity in the past year. “My freshman year was the first year the team was a varsity sport and we did well and last season we went through a lot of adversity by losing a bunch of seniors and our coach.”

However, the challenges that the team experienced have allowed them to grow closer as a team. That has allowed their performance on the field to enhance as well.

“I definitely believe that we got closer because of what we went through because we all understood what was happening to each other. I think that made our chemistry better on the field and we all played for each other,” said Weneta (11).

Through the challenges the team faced, the team grew closer and played a lot better, and that success has carried into this season.

Kellie Hanson (10) has played attack for the lacrosse team for the past three years, and is hopeful for this season. “This season is going pretty well, we’ve won all our games which hasn’t happened before. I think we can go far this year.”

The new coach has had an impact on the performance of the team as well. The team has done a lot more conditioning, which has helped them to perform a lot better.

“It’s been pretty unstable in the past, but I think that this coach is really working out. She knows a lot about lacrosse and she’s just really nice and is helping everyone,” said Hanson (10).

The girl’s lacrosse team has improved a lot over the past few seasons, and they are only improving. With the skill and chemistry of the team, they have the potential to go very far this year and the next years to come.

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