Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics

Journee Trotter, Reporter

The Winter Olympics are an important international sporting event held every four years and holds every sport that is practiced on snow and ice. The first of the Winter Olympics were held in 1928 and have been held ever since.

The United States have excelled at the Winter Olympics, including the past four placing either first or second. This year, however, has proved to have other countries in the limelight and the United States only in 6th place.

The U.S. is only behind athletes from Russia, even after the steroid-related ban that caused star Russian participants to be banned for a lifetime, and Russia to be banned from participating as a country.

“The disappointing American performance is a combination of bad luck, missed opportunities and genuine systematic failure,” stated reporter Michael Rosenberg from Sports Center.

The U.S. is suffering from a few injuries, including from Steven Nyman, a downhill skier and from Gus Kenworthy, a freestyle skier. Though not directly proven, the lack of previous success can be contributed from the injured participants.

Despite this, the United States has still won 10 medals; five of them being gold.

“While there’s no chance the Americans can catch Norway at the top of the medal count, there’s still time for the team to turn its Olympic performance around before the closing ceremony,” stated Tyler Lauletta from Business Insider.

With six days remaining in the Winter Olympics, there’s still room for the U.S. to return to the success that they have achieved in previous years. With a few events remaining, there’s a chance for the U.S. to bump up.

“There is still time for the United States to turn things around…the American women have already secured another medal in ice hockey, and the men’s team is still in contention for one. A late surge at the podium could help save the United States from total Olympic disaster,” Lauletta stated.