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The College Football Playoff will feature Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, and Oklahoma in 2018

The College Football Playoff will feature Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, and Oklahoma in 2018

Andrew Porterfield, Reporter

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Should the College Football Playoff be expanded to eight teams? Many avid sports fans seem to think so because of the limited number of teams that gain the privilege of fighting for the coveted championship trophy.

The first College Football Playoff was held during the 2014 football season, with Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, and Ohio State being the featured teams. Ohio State ended up winning it all that year, its only championship under the playoff format.

Ever since the College Football Playoff has been introduced, there have been many questions as to if it’s the ideal structure for players, coaches, and fans. Every year, a team seems to get snubbed by the selection committee. This year, Alabama achieved the fourth seed over a streaking Ohio State team, even though Alabama didn’t even play in its conference championship and Ohio State won its respective conference championship game.

Another team that seemed to get snubbed by the committee was the UCF Knights. The Knights finished the regular season 11-0 and beat Memphis in the AAC championship game. With no losses, UCF should’ve been a prime candidate for the playoff, right? Well, since they’re not a Power 5 team, their resume has been heavily questioned as mediocre at best. Although being undefeated, UCF finished 12th in the final College Football Playoff rankings.

If I were on the committee, I would make an argument that the College Football Playoff would benefit from an expansion to eight teams. This expansion would allow for a more competitive playoff, with more deserving teams getting to play. Although it would force great teams to play longer seasons, I’m sure the players wouldn’t mind having to play one extra game for the chance of achieving college football immortality.

The College Football Playoff as it is seems to be predictable and at times, boring. With more teams being introduced into the playoff picture, it could be predicted that there would be more parody amongst playoff matchups, thus being more entertaining.

It’s impossible for the committee to make everybody happy, but I wholeheartedly believe that an expansion would make more fans happy and thus creating better TV ratings for ESPN. While it could lead to a more strenuous season for players and coaches, deserving teams would finally be able to have the chance to compete amongst the best competition available.