Collegiate Crime

The NCAA will be under a microscope for a while after this latest scandal.

The NCAA will be under a microscope for a while after this latest scandal.

Andrew Porterfield, Reporter

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In late September, the college basketball world was rocked by a prodigious scandal uncovered by an FBI investigation that tainted many coaches’ careers and also affected where players would attend school.

The scandal revolved around Adidas-sponsored programs bribing players to attend certain schools in hopes that Adidas would gain more exposure by having high-profile players wear their gear.

“It’s certainly unfortunate what happened with this scandal. It’s nice to think, but also naïve to think that this doesn’t happen all of the time,” said Mr. Zac Glover, a sportscaster at WDBJ7.

Rick Pitino, a hall of fame head coach who last coached for the Louisville Cardinals, is now out of a job resulting from this scandal. Pitino has never been questioned about his ethics until now, even though he still continues to express his innocence. As of October 26, there have been no other head coaches fired directly resulting from the investigation.

Many believe that if the NCAA started paying their players, the backdoor deals would start to thin out.

“Of course the players should be paid in some way. I’m not saying that they should be making millions, but maybe a few thousand dollars a semester,” mentioned Mr. Glover.

This investigation also raises the question of what malfeasance occurs on a lower scale in the NCAA. Many believe that players at most Power-Five programs are somehow incentivized to attend because of numerous investigations that have occurred in the past. The NCAA is certainly going to be under a microscope in the upcoming years because of the negligence that they have demonstrated on various occasions.