Freshman Sports Experience


Michael Aboujaoude's (9) football hoodie.

Farah Iqbal, Staff Reporter

Being a freshman on a high school sports team is a new experience. With having a new coach and playing with new players, athletes are expected to do better than they would play on a middle school team  According to students athletes, along with all the school work, managing time can be hard.

It’s definitely harder from a middle school team to a high school one, “it’s fun, and it’s nice to have like older kids on the team that have experience in the sport and can tell you what you can do better,” said Sarah Roller (9) on what it is like playing with students in higher grades.

All  the students that were interviewed declared that they preferred high school sports over middle school sports.

“In middle school it’s a lot less pressure and you don’t have to worry as much about your skill level and how you play, but when you get into high school, the sports are a lot more competitive,” said Abigail Atkins (9) who is on the junior varsity volleyball team.

Students that were interviewed say that there is some pressure when playing, which is expected.

“The people are bigger,” said Michael Aboujaoude (9), who plays on the junior varsity football team.

So while adjusting to new environments and new coaches, no matter what, freshmen athletes should always hope that they’ll succeed in the game.