Someone Stop Elon Musk

After Elon Musk purchased Twitter for 44 billion dollars, he sent the company down a spiral, desperately trying to increase profit, and not embarrass himself in the process. Some of Twitter’s top executives were fired, including CEO, Parag Agrawal; CFO, Ned Segal; Chief Legal Officer, Vijaya Gadde; and general counsel, Sam Edgett. He also laid off 50% of twitter employees and claimed that nobody shows up at the office.

Elon Musk is known for overworking his employees; and now he’s converted some offices into bedrooms at Twitter headquarters. He later defended the move as providing a place for tired employees to rest.

He introduced a new feature, “Twitter Blue”, that allows the user to buy verification to “prevent bots”. The whole point of a verified checkmark is to verify real life celebrities, companies, and influencers.  “Twitter Blue” created a flood of fake accounts, impersonating public figures and brands on Twitter due to verification being nothing more than a paid subscription. The consequences for this action were vast.  Perhaps the worst case was when Eli Lily and Company, a pharmaceutical company, lost billions in share prices because of an imposter tweet.

Musk said this feature was added for profit, because Twitter does not generate revenue unless it’s from subscriptions or advertisements. In fact, Twitter as a platform pre-Musk was losing revenue, and the platform had not made a profit since 2019 because it struggled to attract new users. To this day, Twitter still suffers massive drops in revenue every day. Twitter was already struggling to make a profit, and now with Elon turning the platform upside down, it is only getting worse.

Despite Musk’s lip service in support of free speech, he has only ever expressed an interest in restoring the accounts of people on the far-right, who are known for posting conspiracy theories or inciting violence. In a tweet he made, he implemented a new policy tying back to the Twitter Blue shtick where he stated, “Twitter is a platform for freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach.” In other words, shadow-banning anyone who doesn’t buy his $8 check. Furthermore, in that same tweet, he said “negative tweets” will not be allowed on the platform.  There appears to be no real definition for this, except to ban tweets that hurt his feelings. He fired an employee for publicly criticizing him on the platform and banned accounts that track hit private jet, @ElonJet.  These actions aren’t exactly representative of a freedom of speech platform.

To this day, businessman Elon Musk continues to embarrass himself on the platform, and this Twitter disaster is reaching Titanic proportions.

This article is a student editorial, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the thoughts and opinions of Titan Times or Hidden Valley High School.