🔥 PewDiePie vs. 🅱️-Series 🔥

Kjellberg has gained around 4 million subscribers since the beginning of this month.

Kjellberg has gained around 4 million subscribers since the beginning of this month.

Shreyas Gullapalli, Op-Ed Editor


Yankees vs Red Sox

John McEnroe vs. Bjorn Borg

Athens vs. Sparta

Proletariat vs Bourgeoisie

These so-called “rivalries” amount to nothing more than mere children squabbling compared to the greatest rivalry of our time. The struggle of one man vs the faceless billion dollar corporation. I speak, of course, of nothing other than PewDiePievs. T-Series.

The “King of Youtube”, Felix Kjellberg aka “PewDiePie” has held the title of most subscribed Youtuber for the last 5 years (discounting Youtube’s own channels like Youtube Music). To many, he represents the Youtube dream- a small, independent creator organically rising to the top through original content. Recently though, an Indian media corporation, T-Series, has been rapidly rising through the ranks of the platform to challenge Kjellberg for that title, posting various Indian language music videos and movies. Part of this growth is due to the increasing availability of Internet access in India. Regardless, T-Series’ ascension represents a disturbing recent trend in Youtube- one in which the site has become dominated by corporations, and has left behind the small independent creators that once made it so great.

Currently, Kjellberg leads by around 1 million subscribers- at its closest, the gap was no more than 15k. A massive campaign from Youtube’s creators and community has emerged to support him, with fans buying out billboards, hacking printers, and relentlessly advertising one message- subscribe to PewDiePie. As a result, subscriber count has increased faster than ever before to an incredible 77 million.

PewDiePie’s defeat might be inevitable, but the outpouring f support he has received shows that independent creators will still be supported by the community for years to come.