The Unreliable News


The man who did the Madden Shooting,

Sophie DiFrancesco, Editor of the News

In the recent day and age, the media is almost everyone’s main source of information. Everyone knows that most of all media is biased in their own respective ways, whether it’s leaning to left or the right, the information the public receives is most likely biased.  With biased media, comes common trends among all news stations. All news stations attempt to pander to their respective audience in order to continue receiving their support and funds, and if that means sometimes changing information to fit their political narrative, then so be it.

All news stations basically report on the same stories, but the perspective of how they tell the story is completely different. Let’s take, for example, the shooting at the Madden Video Game tournament in Jacksonville, FL on Sunday August 26, 2018. The basic information behind this news story is that David Katz, a 24 year old gamer from Baltimore, Maryland, was attending the video game tournament at the GLHF Game Bar where he brought a gun into the venue and opened fire killing two people. When you search for news on the Madden shooting, CNN’s top article is “Two killed in shooting a Jacksonville video game tournament,” while Fox News’ top article is “Pro gamers react to Jacksonville shooting amid ‘Madden NFL ‘19’ tournament.”

Just from these two articles, the difference between the views of the story is extremely evident. CNN and Fox News are known for each being on opposite sides of the political spectrum with Fox being a widely known conservative station and CNN being a well-known liberal based station, so it would make sense that they would each try to incorporate their own views into their articles. The liberal agenda is known to promote stricter gun control policies and a change of the second amendment while conservatives are more widely known as adamant supporters of the second amendment. These views are clearly portrayed in how their articles are presented. Fox News has taken the focus away from the actual shooting and shifted it to how people are reacting to it which allows for their readers to focus on the issue at hand. The approach CNN has taken with the straight forward “two killed in shooting,” focuses the article on the problem at hand and the bigger problem, gun control.

These different tactics are the reason so many different views are shown in the media and why readers have to pay attention to where they are getting their information. For some readers, it is beneficial to receive their news from their matching parties’ news site, but it is crucial to pay attention to how varying the information is from site to site. Even though someone might whole-heartedly believe that guns should be banned, they have to be able to take themselves away from their view point to be able to receive reliable information.