All Day Pizza

Felipe Gracia, Reporter

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All Day Pizza Cafe is something you wouldn’t expect from a regular modern day pizza place. Most pizza places have the same basic types of pizzas except from All Day. All Day Pizza Cafe was a charming amazement. Since I couldn’t pull up the menu on the site I simply kept it basic when I brought in my request with a half cheese, half pepperoni 14″ pizza. I included a side of mozzarella sticks too for good measure.

When I arrived, I was astounded to see the place absolutely empty. In reality, it’s really hard to discover restaurants in Roanoke where you can eat outside on a pleasant night. The place looked spotless. I was welcomed when I got in the entryway. The staff is very helpful and kind to the customers. Always getting to know one of another and making sure their time was pleasant.

The pizza looked flavorful and I couldn’t wait to eat it. They place them in a plastic container. The pizza, then again, was still warm and chewy when I opened the box. Extraordinary pizza! I’m eager to attempt a portion of the sandwiches straightaway, as the owner proposed the “Combo Mombo” sandwich.

In conclusion, I’d genuinely rate All Day Pizza Cafe a 9.  Clean place, open air seating, extraordinary staff, and great nourishment.

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