Learning From College

Virginia Western.

Virginia Western.

Arielle Conway, Co-editor

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College is a constant thought running through the minds of most high school juniors and seniors. Where will you go? How will you pay for your schooling? What major will you choose? How will you go from being so dependent on your family to living hours away? There are so many questions that go with the frightening, yet exciting topic of college.

Once the college frenzy starts there’s no stopping it. Almost every topic of conversation is about sending in SAT scores or application deadlines, but my conversations were definitely different. I could have cared less about college in the beginning of the year since I’m going to Virginia Western.

I thought that I didn’t have to worry about a thing, I waited last minute to take my SATs, never really looked into any classes or put effort into my future. Now I’ve applied to Western and got everything figured out, but if there’s one thing you can learn from this article is to not wait last minute, it makes everything ten times more stressful.

If I had a chance to go back to the beginning of the year and restart my college application process I would have. I was so set on going to Western that I didn’t even apply to any other schools because I just “didn’t feel like it”.

Something that helped a lot of my friends when keeping up with their college deadlines was a planner. I know you may be thinking that getting a planner is obvious, but if you don’t have one I would strongly recommend getting one they can help you become a lot more organized.

One thing that took me a long time to understand is that going to Virginia Western is okay, it doesn’t make you stupid just because it’s a Community College. It’s a smart financial decision while you can also stay in Roanoke for a few years if you’re not ready to move away from home yet.

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