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Coming to Realizations: How I changed From Freshman Year to Senior Year

Gabe Maslich, Reporter

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Starting high school was a pretty exciting time in my life.  I was promised all throughout middle school that there would be more freedom, better opportunities, laptops, more intriguing electives; for the most part, this was all true.  But with these new additions to my life came a little bit of change as well, in almost all things from my personality to my priorities.  Looking back at the freshman me, horrible haircut and all, I can safely say that I’ve gone through a change throughout the four years here.

I’ve found that coming to realizations is really what changes someone as they grow older, and in these four years I’ve come to a surprising amount of realizations.  Realizations about who your friends are, what interests you, what means the most to you.  As a freshman, thing were fresh and new, so I wanted to do well in everything from social life to academics to athletics and because of this I felt like sometimes I did things to please others before myself.  I still do this occasionally, but as I grew I learned to do things because I actually wanted to.  I studied because I wanted a good grade for myself, not for my teachers and I tried new things not because I wanted to impress others but because I wanted to discover new things that I personally enjoyed.  I stopped listening to music that my peers listened to just to have something in common and rather started listening to music that I actually enjoyed.  Doing things for myself rather than others gave me a better sense of who I was and as such I grew more as I moved up with each year.

I also came to realizations about people.  For a while I tried to fit in groups where I didn’t quite belong and because of this I missed out on a lot of great friends that I would meet later in my high school career.  It’s not that I didn’t get along with my older friends, because I did and most certainly still do, it’s just that as a freshman I had a very limited scope on who could hang out with who.  My senior year especially has taught me that a great friend can come from any crowd of people and that sometimes the person you least expect to have an impact on your life can actually have the greatest.  Pretty strange how that works out.

Being a senior finally let me come to realizations of what means the most to me.  I started loving my family more because I realized that they were everything to me.  I picked up a guitar and learned it and played the piano more because I realized that music is one of the biggest parts of my life.  I stopped playing video games and watching too much Netflix because I realized that they were taking up too much of my time that could be spent doing other things.  I’m not saying that I’m some sort of wise philosopher just because I’m a senior; after all, I’m still just an eighteen year old.  I just think that as I got closer to graduating I starting realizing that soon I would be on my own out in the real world, and because of this things start coming into a better perspective.  Time goes on, but I have to ask myself how I want to spend it, who I want to spend it with, and what should come first in my priorities.  It may seem from reading this article that I went through some grand change in these four years, but in all honesty I haven’t.  I still love soccer, sushi’s still my favorite food, I still love watching MST3K and talking Star Wars.  I suppose it’s my overall view of what’s going to matter most as I grow older that’s changed, and that’s what’s happened to me since freshman year.

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Gabe Maslich, Reporter

Hey everybody! I’m Gabe, and this is my second year writing for the Titan Times. I’ve always enjoyed writing, so I figured that journalism was right...

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Coming to Realizations: How I changed From Freshman Year to Senior Year