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Roanoke Women’s March

Arielle Conway, Reporter

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More than 3.3 million people gathered together and marched for women’s rights on January 27th, 2017 in response to women’s rights being highly threatened by many public, political figures.

I attended the women’s march here in Roanoke last Saturday and to say the least I was absolutely thrilled to be one of the 3,000 locals that showed up to march for what’s right.

I walked up to a woman with a sign that I wanted to take a quick picture if and she

told me how she also took part in some of the earlier women’s marches and rallies that paved the future for equal rights and how she can’t believe the fight for equality is still an ongoing issue all over the world. Her story truly inspired me to fight for women’s equality no matter how long it takes.

As soon as I walked into the venue I could feel the pure positivity in the air. Everyone was so confident in their beliefs, and it was a really inspirational experience for me because it showed that it is important to fight for what I deserve. I saw so many strong women that were proud to be a woman. It was incredibly empowering.

When the march hit the streets, it was unbelievable. I was waving my sign as high as I possibly could, marching the sidewalks of downtown surrounded by thousands of people fighting for my rights felt right. When cars d

rove by it felt amazing to see their happy faces as they honked their horns in

support of us.

But, of course with the good comes the bad. There are many people, including women, arguing that women are already treated equally, and this is just completely false. Women of color are constantly discriminated against, members of the LGBTQ community are still being harassed, a women’s choice to do what she wants with her own body is still being questioned and put at risk, women are still being paid less than men, women are blamed for being victims of rape, plus many more issues. Tell me again how women are considered equal to men in today’s society?

I’m really happy that I decided to go to one of the many women’s marches and be a part of this amazing movement for women’s equality.

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Arielle Conway, Reporter

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Roanoke Women’s March