Where has the rapper gone?


Before Kanye went “missing”

Kaitlyn Balci, Reporter

Kanye West has been described as “missing” since December 30th, in Wyoming, with news that his ex-business manager has been unable to locate him in the midst of a continuous lawsuit against the rapper and his company, Yeezy.

Thomas St John, West’s former business manager, claimed that he was not paid for an 18 month ensured term working as the rapper’s senior financial advisor and Chief Financial Officer.

Court documents claim that St John should have been paid $300k each month, however despite the fact that he only worked for three months, he was not paid.

Before the lawsuit against West, in January 2022, the complaint claimed that West had become “heated and aggressive” with St John and had “screamed” at him, expressing that he would rather not work with him anymore.

A 10th grade student from Hidden Valley High School explains their thoughts on the lawsuit against Kanye.

“Kanye should be sued for not paying his ex-business manager and for his antisemitic remarks he makes online as well.”

After multiple failed attempts to contact the musician, St John requested to the court for more time to serve the lawsuit papers on Kanye West.

The court stated that they have been unable to serve respondents via their counsel. In general, they have experienced issues affirming West’s best current address.

It’s thought that St John is having difficulties finding West because of the fact that he does not have a lawyer.

“I personally believe Kanye is hiding either because he is trying to avoid being sued or from the hate he is receiving from his opinions stated online” says the student from Hidden Valley.

The court filing stated, “we have attempted to service him by mail at multiple possible addresses.” According to the document, attempts have been made to serve West in California, Malibu, and Calabasas.

St John is trying to sue West for $4.5 million in damages, including the $900k that he is supposedly owed for his work and the remaining months he was ensure, per the agreement.

Will Kanye ever come out of hiding? The Student from Hidden Valley answers, “I’m not sure, but at some point, he will have to.”