Justice for India!


protesters in India demanding justice

Haylee Furrow, Reporter

On January 3rd, 2022, a woman was dragged to death in Delhi, India causing a massive uproar in India. 

The woman’s body was found severely mutilated, her body left to rot, causing India’s rage to bubble further.  

“When I heard about the woman in India who was killed, I was outraged. I was even more furious when I found out the state of how they left her body,” Emma Lax an eleventh grader at Hidden Valley High School. 

Not a lot of information has been released about this event, just the fact that she was involved in a ‘hit and run’. 

The main reason this gained so much publicity is because of the rising numbers of hit and runs and vehicular manslaughter cases in India. 

Many Indians are outraged since their country is not implicating any laws or punishing the people who have done such crimes.  

Emma Lax a junior at Hidden Valley High School says, “It saddens me deeply that people in India are not getting the justice they deserve. No person should ever have to deal with not getting the justice they deserve just because their country did not want to act upon this issue.” 

The thing that separates this case from any other vehicular manslaughter case is that her death was violent and grueling. 

Her head had received so much damage from being dragged for such a long time that it even gave the police officers goosebumps. 

“I hope that India can get this issue under control and serve justice to all the people’s lives who were affected by the uprise of vehicular manslaughter,” Emma Lax, a student at Hidden Valley High School says.  

India’s crime rate is on the rise, the country is not doing anything about it will this be the first stage of failure for India? Or will this uproar give India the motivation to act upon these Issues?