President Biden’s State of the Union Address

President Biden during the speech

President Biden during the speech

Maya Ghobrial, Reporter

Every year, the current president of the Unites States gives an annual State of the Union Address. This year on March 1st Joe Biden, the current US president, gave his first speech at the United States Capital.   

The State of the Union Address is a speech given to provide the people, as well as congress, with a yearly status report about the nation. During this the president will talk about important issues facing America and offer his ideas on solving these current issues. Some of these solutions include new laws and policies that the president will propose.  

An important topic brought up by President Biden in this year’s speech was where America stands in the war with Russia and Ukraine. “Yes. We, the United States of America, stand with the Ukrainian people.” Biden continues to talk about how the Russian economy is reeling and that Putin is the only one to blame. The Unted States is providing over a billion dollars in direct assistance to Ukraine. However, through all this U.S forces will not engage in the conflict with Russian forces in Ukraine.  

President Biden also introduced the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The President promised to work across the aisle to deliver results and rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. This Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will rebuild America’s roads, bridges and rails, expand access to clean drinking water, ensure every American has access to high-speed internet, tackle the climate crisis, advance environmental justice, and invest in communities that have too often been left behind. “We’ll create good jobs for millions of Americans.” 

When it came to inflation this is what the President had to say, “Instead of relying on foreign supply chains, let’s make it in America. Look, economists call this increasing the productive capacity of our economy. I call it building a better America.” 

Mrs. Sprenger, a history teacher here at hidden valley, thinks that overall, President Biden Addresses some of the main issues of the day, but failed to really address how his Administration plans to deal with inflation and with the divisive nature of politics in congress and in our nation. Biden brought up some very prominent issues during his speech. Mrs. Sprenger was specifically glad to hear about Americas views on what was going on with Russia and Ukraine. “I was glad that President Biden adjusted his address to spend a significant amount of time explaining his views on America’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  I was very interested to understand how the Biden Administration views our role and the role of NATO.” This year’s State of the Union was the first one given by Joe Biden. “President Biden struggles with public speaking at times, and the need to address Ukraine on short notice showed in his delivery.  Hopefully, next year, the situation will be less fluid and threatening.”