How Video Games Affect The Brain

how video games affect the brain

Lacie Holdren, reporter

There are a large argument people have on video games of whether they are good or bad. There have been some studies on this matter, some of those studies say that video games have a positive effect on people while others say that they have a negative effect.

I have asked many students if they think video game are good for people’s health and more people said they thought it was more beneficial for their health than detrimental.

Video games have a different range of styles of game play. There are games like Doom, which is a ruff type of game, and there are others such as Minecraft that are more clam. The different ranges of content in a video game can affect people’s minds differently.

Video game have been used in study’s and most of the study’s show good signs. Like playing shooter has proven a person to have an ability to think about objects in 3rd dimension form, it helps improve visual signs, it has also help improve relationships with people.

There are many other reasons video games are good for you.