Taliban Terror


Tyler Duffey, Staff Reporter

A mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan was bombed by the Taliban on November 12, 2021, during Friday prayers. This attack injured at least 15 people and confirmed to have killed 3. Since the Taliban took over Kabul in August of 2021, there has been physical and economic unrest in the middle east. The constant threat of Taliban members in and around Afghanistan is becoming a worldwide problem because of they arsenal of weapons left in the embassy. Mosques are subject to attacks by Taliban bombers because Mosques are a sacred and holy place used in the Muslim religion, attacking such valuable places is an attempt by the bombers to decrease the moral of the Afghan people and make them easier to control. The Taliban has started to enforce ridiculous rules such as banning women from being on TV dramas and suppressing the voices of women in Afghanistan. They have also put their economy on the line and are at the point of an economic disaster for the entirety of Afghanistan which could affect other countries around the world. The attacks on innocent places shows just how ruthless the Taliban is and that they will stop at nothing to have control, if they are so easily able to destroy a holy place, they would have no problem doing the same on a much larger scale elsewhere in the world. “I do not feel threatened in America while at church, as of now this is a Middle Eastern crisis but could spread. There isn’t a very good solution either way, but more security would help.” Richard Shellnutt (12)