Mount Tabor Shooting

Mount Tabor High School

Mount Tabor High School

Gracey Haas, Staff Reporter

William Chavis Raynard Miller Jr. Was a victim of a shooting at Mount Tabor High School in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. This event took place on Wednesday, September 1st. William Chavis Raynard Miller Jr. was a 15-year-old student at Mount Tabor High School (WFMY).  

Since the shooting, the tragedy has been televised and people have been interviewed. The principal has spoken out about what happened and how the school intends to cope with the loss of their fellow classmate (WFMY). After the shooting, the school went under lockdown (CNN). “This shooting was the second shooting to occur in North Carolina that week”, said CNN. The suspect’s name in this ongoing investigation is unable to be released due to the fact that they are a minor (WFMY). 

To gather different points of views, people who read the article were asked some questions to see how they would explain what happened. “I first heard about this last week on the news feed on my phone”, said Ms. Ebel (English teacher at HVHS). “I was intrigued by this topic because I am a teacher myself and a mom”. When asked what her take was on the situation she answered, “It seems like a possible student shot another student who unfortunately died from the injuries sustained during the shooting”. Ms. Ebel went on to say “students need to be identified early and figure out how to fill the need, to feel more important to their community (I think that they feel so disconnected from their community)” when asked her opinion on how to prevent such tragedies.  

“I read about this event about 2 days after it happened”, said Ms. Newbern (history teacher at HVHS). “It interested me because most statistics said that the likely hood of a school shooting would not happen during this pandemic”. When asked to describe the event she stated, “a squabble between students, instead of what we normally see in such cases as school shooting events”. Newbern shared her thoughts and ideas on how to prevent something like this from happening again, she stated “more in-house counseling with paid psychologists, helping people to work on their anger management issues, and to make sure the school is secure and safe”. 

This devastating event shook the school to its core. It made the students come together and share their point of view and how it affected the school as a whole. A week after the event took place, the principal (and the school) and the police force spoke out. “Everyone in Mount Tabor, all our students are processing this at different speeds, and I think the best thing we as students can do right now is lean on one and other” (a direct quote from WXII12). 

You always hear about these events from the press, but you hope that you never have to experience it. We need to hear every student and faculty member side of the story. Events like this can change everyone’s perspective on how they see the world. We need to share these stories and put plans in motion to make school safer for kids.