Russian Military Advancements


Tyler Duffey, Staff Reporter

Russia is known to have a very strong military, but their new “Iron Outlaws” can withstand .50 caliber bullets. This was documented on February 8th, 2021 by David Hambling. Russia has always been known to have strength in their military and the brainpower behind it. Currently they are the second strongest nation in the world, behind America and in front of China. With recent conflicts arising around the world, we are still at peace with Russia. One of their allies is Syria and earlier this year, Joe Biden commanded an airstrike on Syria in retaliation to the February 15th terrorist bombing, to an airport that had American troops in it. Russia was not happy about the warning America gave as it was given during the attack, approximately 5 minutes before the first bomb hit. While this won’t cause another world war, it is a testimony to the power these strong countries have, and what damage they can inflict on innocent people. Russian military leaders have a prototype to a new type of armor that can withstand .50 caliber bullets. This military advancement alone will change the way future wars are carried about once it is complete. While Russia has created a brilliant and powerful war piece, the American military has recently allowed makeup and lipstick on female troops.

“I believe this is possible, humans are getting smarter all the time, I hope this doesn’t affect us if there ever is a war between Russia and America. I’m sure we will eventually create this but better.” Eli Shartzar (9).

America and Russia will almost never go to war for the fear of a nuclear fallout is possible with the number of nuclear weapons the countries both own. They know their limits on what is right and wrong and will almost never go to war.

“I think we are fine, and I don’t want this to be necessary, but it is. It could but they are friends so probably not.” Madeline Hippeard (11). This is nothing to worry about, but rather a reminder of what is possible when bright minds work together.