Hidden Valley vs Cave Spring

Hidden Valley vs Cave Spring

Madeline Hippeard, Sports Reporter

On Friday April 2, the Hidden Valley Titans and the Cave Spring Knights faced off in their annual rivalry game. The game was full of action and amazing plays from both sides but ultimately ended in a victory for Cave Spring 17-14; their first victory against the Titans in ten years.  

Shortly after the game, several Knight football supporters created several memes depicting their victory in celebration. However, one image caught national attention. The image created showed the Cave Spring logo photoshopped onto former police officer Derek Chauvin’s face as he kneeled on George Floyd’s neck, with the Titan’s logo photoshopped over Floyd’s faceThis image and story were written about in CNN, The New York Times, and even as far as London based paper The Daily Mail. 

Roanoke County School’s Director of Communications Chuck Lionberger released the following statement after the images were reported by multiple people in the Roanoke Valley: “Roanoke County Public Schools does not condone any behavior that could be considered racially offensive.” He continued by saying that the school board was aware of the images created but is prohibited by federal student privacy law to elaborate on the disciplinary actions that would take place for the students who created them (https://www.wsls.com/news/local/2021/04/05/roanoke-county-public-schools-investigating-offensive-social-media-post-using-george-floyd-imagery/).  

Moreover, Superintendent Dr. Ken Nicely stated “The abhorrent, disturbing images posted by individuals do not reflect the values of Cave Spring High School or Roanoke County Public Schools. We strive to provide positive, welcoming communities that value respect for all students and families.” Nicely concluded that “Education is a process, but we will hold those individuals accountable for their actions” (https://www.wsls.com/news/local/2021/04/05/roanoke-county-public-schools-investigating-offensive-social-media-post-using-george-floyd-imagery/).  

 As a result of the severity of the images created, the final game of Cave Spring’s 2021 football season were cancelled. It is unknown what will happen to the individuals who created and shared this image.