Opening Everest Back Up after COVID


Ruby Kasmer, Reporter

Did you know that Everest brings about $300 million dollars a year to Nepal? During 2020 Everest was shut down for a while because of COIVD. Nepal lost a lot of money by shutting it down. This also caused a major loss of jobs for the people in Nepal.  The government decided to open Everest back up in the fall to help the economy and provide people with jobs. Now the question is, will people continue to go climb Everest as much as in the past?

Emma Havens (11th) said, “Actually, I think it will be more popular because people will be more willing to try new things and not waste time. I think throughout COVID people have realized to take advantage of opportunities and do things that make them happy before it is too late.”. A lot of us have felt this way during COVID. It will be interesting to see what happens this year when people start booking their trips.

The best time to climb Mt. Everest is around May 15. This is because the temperatures are usually a little warmer and the jet stream winds have moved away. The jet stream winds can cause a lot of avalanches up on the mountain.

Usually, when people climb Mt. Everest they climb with a team. This means they are going to be close to people who have traveled in from all over the world. If they aren’t tested previously, they could be exposing each other to COVID. It takes about two months to climb Everest and there could be some serious problems if people started to get sick with it high up on the mountain.

That isn’t to mention all the people they will be in contact with when on their flights and staying in hotels before and after the climb. So far, Nepal has reported a total of 271K cases of COVID.

Before COVID, there was still a ton of risk involved with climbing Everest. Now, there is even more to worry about. It will become a much harder choice to make to decide if it is worth the risk. Despite all this, like Emma said, “Some people will probably be more willing to go for it and not wait.”

Mati Rogers (9th) said, “If she were a mountain climber and she was going with a group of people I would consider it.”

With the climbing season approaching we will get to see what happens with the climbers. With the more risks it will be even more impressive if they reach the summit!