COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine

Madeline Hippeard, Sports Editor

All around the United States, healthcare professionals, emergency responders, and teachers have begun to receive the first doses of the COVID-19 vaccination. However, public response to the vaccine varies widely. Some people believe that the vaccine was rushed and unsafe, while others do not. “A lot of people think that the vaccine was rushed and therefore not trustworthy, but this is not the case. The vaccine has gone through the exact same amount of testing and trial as every other form of vaccine ever produced. Also, this vaccine does not actually carry the virus, but rather mRNA, which cannot hurt anyone. A lot of people do not realize that the vaccine does not inject the actual virus, and therefore feel as though getting it will hurt them,” says Abigail Hippeard (11).

Moreover, uncertainty of the vaccinations effectiveness also drives some people away from it. “Every vaccine has been proven to reduce the amount of cases of a virus or disease and, in some cases, eradicate it completely. I do not understand why some people refuse to accept a vaccine that has been scientifically proven to keep them safe. Throughout this time, society has learned even more the importance of trusting science. Science has shown that the vaccine works, and we must trust it,” continues Abigail.

Some people have decided to not receive the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available to them, “the vaccination is truly the only hope this world has of ever going “back to normal”. I will absolutely be getting the vaccine. It is important for me to keep not only myself safe and healthy, but the world around me as well. People who choose to not get the vaccine are selfish because they are choosing to keep a deadly virus in this world for longer than necessary,” says Abigail

People all over the United States have many different opinions on the vaccine and the virus itself. However, one thing remains clear during these hard times, people must stick together and continue to help one another whenever possible. This pandemic effects everyone differently; some people are angry, some are afraid, some are in disbelief. However, now that vaccinations are coming out, people need to not only consider themselves, but others around them. “Now that we have the opportunity to control this terrible virus, we must seize it, before it is too late,” concludes Abigail.