Cameron Price, Reporter

During December 2020 Haim Eshed, the former head of Israel’s Space Security program, claimed that aliens exist, and that Donald Trump knows of them.

“I think that there is probably life somewhere in the universe,” Fox Harbert (12) said. “I do not believe that they have made contact with Earth, or lizard people disguised as politicians,” continued Harbert (12).

Eshed claims that major governments have been contacted by aliens via Unidentified Flying Objects, UFOs. Haim has stated that the aliens were curious about the universe and have struck deals with the United States to allow these aliens to experiment on Earth.

“He’s probably just trying to get people to buy his book,” Aayush Patel (9) said.

NASA has stated that Haim’s claims have no merit, and most officials believe the claims derive from Eshed trying to promote his book.