Sharks were discovered in a volcano by scientists.

Sharks were discovered in a volcano by scientists.

Tyler Duffey, Reporter

Ocean engineer, Brennan Phillips, and his team of marine biologists were on a boat around the Soloman islands in July of 2015. They were planning on dropping a camera into the Kavachi volcano to see what was in it. What they found absolutely shocked them. 

 On the camera they saw a Hammerhead and Silk shark as well as jellyfish and stingrays within the volcano. The volcano has reached temperatures of up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit and the scientists have little to no clue on how this is possible. 

Alec Batsaichan (11) shared his opinion on their discovery saying, “This really surprised me and if they can survive in that much heat then they are legendary. There could be some crazy animals out there if this is possible.  

 Sharks can survive in extreme heat and cold as well as the depths of the ocean that they are in. These extreme conditions can form weird but useful adaptations to these animals. In the deep ocean, there is no light so sharks and other animals depend on their great sense of smell and the ability to sense vibrations in the water. Sharks lack a swim bladder and this allows them to go so deep, however some sharks tend to stay closer to the surface. Their bodies are denser than the water so they can sink and rise when they swim. “I believe this, the ocean is really big so I’m sure there’s other creatures even more strange. I would also say it’s pretty scary but very interesting at the same time” Eli Shartzer (9). Nearly 80% of the ocean is still unexplored, and 321 million cubic miles of water, there is room for a lot of possibilities.