2020 BLM Protesters Released of Charges

2020 BLM Protesters

2020 BLM Protesters

Kallie Vaughn, Reporter

In October of 2020 in Louisville, Kentucky, charges against BLM Protesters including Attica Scott were dropped.

In result of recent events, Black Lives Matter Protesters began making an effort to bring awareness to their concerns by protesting all over the world. In March, a young woman named Breonna Taylor was shot and killed in her home in Kentucky. There have been on going protests being held in honor of Breonna for months now.

Student MarieTherese Chahine said, “protests bring a whole community of people with the same values together to fight for an important cause.”

In September of this year, people gathered to continue protesting in Kentucky for Breonna Taylor, and some of the protesters were charged.

Student Jordan Purcell (11) said, “I dislike how riots can be turned extremely violent for the completely wrong reasons.”

Finally, in October it was announced that the charges for the protesters were dropped by law. Compared to protests held earlier in the year, ones still occurring are not being mentioned as much. Although much light is not shown on the recent ones, they are still big and have a purpose.