VA ratifies ERA


Mattie MIller, Reporter


The ERA or Equal Rights Amendment is a proposed amendment to the constitution that would guarantee equal protection and rights for all Americans regardless of sex. The amendment was passed by the senate in the 1970’s and then sent out for ratification by the states. Since then the amendment has lost its foot hold in mainstream news until a month ago.

“The biggest thing that brought the ERA to the attention of the news again was it being ratified in Illinois,” Anna Bashore, 12.

Until January only 37 out of the 38 states needed to ratify the amendment had ratified the ERA. On January 27th Virginia finally approved the amendment after a large push from the VA Ratify ERA campaign. Which held multiple trips to Richmond to push for the passage of the amendment and outreach events for the public to educate on the history of the ERA.

“I attended one of these meetings in Grandin where they showed a movie about Alice Paul and had multiple speakers on the subject,” Anna Bashore, 12.

There are some questions on if the ERA ratification was official because of the built in deadline for the ratification. Virginia ratified the amendment in 2020 but the deadline for ratification was seven years after 1972. The argument made by ERA supporters is it wasn’t in the amendment itself. The Attorney General of Virginia, Mark Herring, along with the Attorney Generals of Nevada and Illinois announced a civil rights lawsuit for ratification by all of the 38 needed states to be recognized. The battle for the official addition of the ERA is still going but is still being considered a victory by the women and men who fought so hard for the ratification.