Library lovers month

Library lovers month

Koltyn Virden, Reporter


It’s that month ladies and gentlemen! It’s Library Lovers Month! Everyone who loves reading books should head over to their local library.

Libraries bring comfort and relaxation from the busy outside world. Libraries provide quietness, productivity, and much more. For instance during Library Lover’s Month, people might be interested in the romance genre. “To advertise this holiday, you would have to offer romance books, and if somebody enjoys that type of stuff they would definitely read more.” said Terri Preston, Algebra teacher.

It can be nice to be surrounded by people who are willing to learn and become more knowledgeable in literature. Some people don’t even come to libraries to read, they just want a quiet place to study or browse a book. “I think people who celebrate the libraries and the books would enjoy this holiday.” Also said Mina Newman, (12.)

“This may motivate people to read, maybe not, if people like to read then maybe so but if not then I don’t think so.” Said Mina Newman, (12.)

Not only do libraries offer books, they offer guidance and assistance when looking for, and discussing books. For example, if a book that you wanted to check out was already checked out, someone can assist and help you find an online version of the book or point you in the direction of a similar novel.

“I feel like you’re only supposed to read romance and love based stories.” said Terri Preston.

Library Lovers Month is definitely a great month to sit down and enjoy a book of your liking. This includes visiting your local library and enjoying the tranquility a library can bring. The South County Library is open from 10am-8pm, Mondays through Thursdays.