Iran missile attacks



Symphony Jackson, News and Reviews Editor

On January 7, Iran launched missiles at two bases in Iraq that housed American military personnel. By doing this the threat of America engaging in a new war in the Middle East was increased. Tension between the U.S and Iran has been very high for many years. The attack comes right after the killing of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani by orders of President Donald J. Trump.

“I think it was scary for a lot of people. The sad thing was they killed many who were not involved along with their own people. I’m not sure that it was the best decision for them to make,” said Catherine Sublett (12)

Many people are focused on the missile attack, but others are looking at a bigger picture. The Iranian people are treated very differently than people who live in America. The rights of the people are very limited compared to many different countries. For example, women in Iran cannot pass on their nationality to their foreign-born spouses or their children like men. If a married woman wants to obtain a passport or travel outside of the country, she has to ask her husband for permission. Under the civil code in Iran, a husband has the right to choose the place him and his family get to live at and can prevent his wife from having certain occupations if he deems them against “family values.”

“The issue at hand is it doesn’t matter how many missiles they shoot or how many people they blow up in their own country tomorrow they are going to be in the same position. Horror, no rights, and under unfair rule,” Bev Newbern (sociology and history teacher).

The people of Iran have had multiple protests, because they are not being granted political or social freedoms. Many have died because the Iranian government tries to oppress the people into submitting to the rules that have been set. People will continue to die until an agreement of peace can be made and people are willing to make a change.

“Iran wasn’t even on our radar until the news said it was, but they have always been there and always been a problem. Why aren’t we looking at the way they treat women or how their people have limited rights? People are just looking at parts of the problem but we need to focus on the root of it,” Mrs. Newbern said.