A fast radio burst in space

Fast Radio Burst

Fast Radio Burst

Koltyn Virden, Reporter

Recently, astronomers have discovered another once in a while event that occurred in space. Apparently, there were four FRBs (fast radio bursts) sending strong signals in space towards Earth and one was even “repeating” itself. A fast radio burst is a temporary radio signal that has a length ranging from speeds as fast as a millisecond to a couple milliseconds throughout space.

The newly discovered FRBs were located near an astronomical spiral galaxy that is about 500 million light years away from Earth. This may seem far, but compared to the galaxy, Andromeda (which is 2.537 million light years away), this galaxy is quite close. No one knows where these FRBs originated from, but theories have been popping up all over the place.

In the past, there was an FBR named FBR 121102. FBR 121102 became well-known for showing up continuously. Now, a new FBR has come into light.

“I think it’s neat that we have technology now that allows us to actually know that things are taking place that far away from us.” said Kim Irvin, a World Geography teacher at Hidden Valley High School.

“I think that this is just a natural occurrence but it would be interesting if there were some form of life out there since space is so vast.” said Carmen Oaks, a science teacher, at Hidden Valley High School. Mrs. Oaks also said, “I do think this could possibly help astronomers discover more about FRBs and just space in general.”

Astronomers are still researching and finding out more information about these temporary yet intriguing entities in space. Are these FBRs signs of some form of extraterrestrial life, or are these FBRs just a natural phenomenon in space? Though we have researched many things and discovered so much, we still have a lot more to learn about the depths and mysteries of space.