The Rodney Reed Case

Koltyn Virden, Reporter

There are, and have been many disputes revolving around a man named Rodney Reed. Rodney Reed is a 47 year old man who was accused of murdering and raping a young woman named Stacey Stites.

Reed grew up in a small town in Texas called Bastrop. Reed was an insufficient student when it came to academics, but succeeded in anything physical such as athletics. He was especially good at boxing. Reed won the title of the Texas Golden Gloves multiple times. He was even invited to the 1988 Olympic Trails.

According to her fiancé, Stacey Stites was a lovely person to be around. She always had a beautiful smile and loved to play basketball at Smithville High School, correlating to her sister, Crystal Dobbs. After graduating, Stacey was ready to become married to her fiancé, Jimmy Fennell. She worked very hard every day to earn money for her wedding dress and for the whole event. Unfortunately, her plans were cut short when she went missing and passed away. Stacey was buried in her wedding dress that she worked so hard for, at her funeral.

Jimmy Fennell was a cop when Stacey went missing. One day, while Paul and found a pickup truck behind the school building. He investigated it and found out that it was Fennell’s truck. For a while, investigators considered Fennell the prime suspect of Stacey’s murder. This was due to the fact that Fennell was last seen with Stacey at their apartment.

“If I was in that situation, and being falsely accused, I would definitely have some of my family members pushing to reevaluate before I was put up for execution.” said Mrs. Whimbush, the principal of Hidden Valley, “I think based on the time we are in now with social media, the ability to reach millions of people by voicing your opinion is now very relevant to our society. Any kind of suspicion around it, people are willing to jump on the bandwagon and push it to the last degree.”

Apparently, there were more cases involving two other victims that were allegedly raped and beaten. Investigators found Reed’s DNA matched the DNA found in the victims. Reed was not convicted of sexual assault besides Stacey’s.

His family and him fighting for freedom and from false accusations.