Spix’s Macaw


Sophia Clemmer, Editor

Known to Rio fans as “Blu,” the Spix’s Macaw became famous after a kid’s movie released in April of 2011 spoke on the bright blue bird’s endangerment. What many people may not know is that the tragedy goes much farther back than the film portrays.

The Spix’s Macaw requires an extremely specialized and limited habitat, which makes deforestation devastating to its existence.

“Due to climate change, the Spix’s Macaw’s environment is not as conducive for their breeding behavior,” said Neha Karandikar, Chemistry and Ecology teacher. Rainforests are shrinking and temperatures are rising, especially around Brazil, the place to which the bird is native.

Since anyone can remember, it has been considered rare in the wild and especially rare in captivity. This makes it worth a large amount of money, therefore selfish individuals use it for profit.

Scientists are working to preserve the species by raising awareness and working on reproduction of the macaw. Some claim that Rio had a positive effect on the efforts to save this animal, however may would argue that it became even more valuable to traders and trappers after its popularity in the children’s film.