Why minimum wage should increase

Annika Almond, Reporter


People are working minimum wage jobs and barely making ends meet. Most people work more than one minimum wage job because they wouldn’t be able to afford their bills otherwise. The minimum wage in America needs to be increased because the cost of living has substantially increased. People are struggling to support themselves or their families on such low pay.

In 2014, studies showed that 1.3 million people were working minimum wage jobs. While 1.7 million people were working minimum wage jobs and earning less than the federal minimum. Weekly, Minimum wage workers only make $267.80 for a 40 hour work week, which would be $1,150 a month. A four member family would barely be able to pay the bills, afford good clothes, groceries, or fun family activities.

Minimum wage in America is $7.25. That number should be raised. There should be more attention given to this issue because there are families just like yours that are struggling. No matter what job someone has, they are still working hard to get by. These people deserve to earn more money for the hard work they put in everyday, just like anyone else.