Apple’s new iPhones



Parker Rhee, Reporter

Apple Inc. has a reputation for innovation. They made smartphones popular around 12 years ago with the introduction of the iPhone. Recently, some have started to feel that other technology companies, like the Chinese based Huawei (banned from selling phones in the United States over concerns that they were collecting user data for the Chinese government) and South Korean based Samsung, have surpassed Apple as the creators of the best smartphones available. This year, expectations for the new iPhones were pretty low. How did Apple do?

Apple released three new phones, a new iPad, an Apple card, a subscription service called Apple arcade, and new software for iPhones, iOS 13, as well as a whole new operating system for iPad, called iPadOS. The highlight was the new iPhone 11 pro.

The iPhone 11 pro now comes with three cameras when last year’s flagship model came with only two, there was also a new processor called the A13 bionic, and 4 extra hours of battery life, with the pro max model having a screen 0.7 inches wider than the pro, and 5 extra hours of battery life when compared to last year’s models. The extra camera has an ultra-wide 13mm lens with a 120 degree field of view, which means it can capture in one shot almost everything that a human eye can see from any one position. The arrangement of the lenses was unusual for a phone with three cameras, with the cameras arranged in a triangle instead of a line. “I think the camera is getting a little bit excessive,” said Mr. Fundakowski, the technology specialist for the school. “They are good phones… but I think they are overpriced. They are really status symbols, you can get a good phone for a lot less.” Besides those three major changes, the new iPhone is almost the exact same as last year’s models, but still is appreciated by Apple fans.

Apple also released a new iPad aimed for schools. It is far cheaper than any of its other iPad offerings and has many features that are geared towards educators. The new iPad is called the iPad 7th generation. It added support for the smart keyboard, which is made by Apple and connects directly to the device via a special port. The new iPad also got the more powerful A10 fusion processor.

While none of Apples releases this year were very exciting, there are rumors that next year the company is planning a massive revamp of the iPhone. Look out for some surprises from Apple.