Donald Trump and Greenland


President Trump

Koltyn Virden, Reporter


There are many controversies about Donald Trump wanting to buy Greenland from Denmark. Some say that Denmark should let Greenland go, and others think otherwise. Trump first wanted to buy Greenland when China was cooperating with Greenland by selling products and exchanging goods. Trump was also motivated by valuables Greenland had, such as: oil, diamonds, iron, lead, and much more.

In past and recent years, Greenland, along with the Faroe Islands, have been consolidating with China for quite some time. When Trump proposed his idea to purchase Greenland, Denmark of course declined. In fact, technically, Trump can’t just buy land off of another country with ease.

About a week ago, Trump was conversing with the Prime Minister of Denmark, and it did not go well. Denmark’s female Prime Minister, Mette Frederikse, was simply trying to delineate his strategy to purchase Greenland, and was called “nasty” and “absurd” by Trump, since they did not come to an agreement.

More news was spread about Trump attempting take Greenland by force. Many people were not happy when they heard news of this.

Mrs. Shelley Winterer, a world geography teacher, shared her thoughts on the situation. She stated that Trump says things and doesn’t put much thought into his claims. If she were in Denmark’s position, then she would think about the benefits that would come of this because it wouldn’t be fair to not receive something out of it.

“I think it would be important to look into the circumstances before making a public statement or taking action,” said Mrs. Winterer.

Mrs. Winterer thought that the purchase would be reasonable because of the useful resources, and that not all resources are distributed equally throughout the world.