Bojangles vs. SWVA Wildlife Center

Ava Wagner, Student Life Editor

In a heated controversy are the local Bojangles franchise owners versus the Southwest Virginia Wildlife center of Roanoke. The disagreement stems from the Wildlife Center’s hope for expansion, which include plans to build a bird sanctuary. This building would be a safe place for injured birds to go to recover and have ample space to fly around.

On the opposing side, there are several homeowners whom have objections to the amount of traffic. The road that leads to the center also happens to go through the properties of the objectors, allowed through an easement.

The current argument has so far consisted of several public hearings, votes, and a lawsuit. Landowners such as the Seymour family, who own the Bojangles on Brambleton in Roanoke County, have complained about the amount, speed, and noise of the traffic going to the Wildlife Center. Two other families, the Mavers and the Creasys, stand behind the Seymours as shared property owners. These three families argue that the land should not have been zoned for use by the Wildlife Center in the first place.

“I wish everyone could get along and I’m sorry for their being uncomfortable. I don’t know what to do about the road,” said Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center Executive Director Sabrina Garvin, according to WDBJ7 News.

The Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center is apologetic that the disagreement ever began, but currently fights for the ability to expand. This disagreement continues on with the hopes of reaching a conclusion sooner than later.