Kanye Has Something to Say and Has No Problem Showing It


Kanye West

Symphony Jackson, Reporter

The rapper, Kanye West, has actively shown support for President Donald Trump and it has angered many people. When he went on the show, Saturday Night Live, he wore a Make America Great Again hat and went on a rant while SNL was off air and it was all captured by a former member of the show, Chris Rock. While he was going on the rant he got a mixture of boos and cheers according to CNN.

“If you want people to hear you, sometimes the best way to go about it is not necessarily ranting on and on about it. Then again, if you feel that you are not being heard and you are passionate in what you believe in then sometimes that’s the right way go,” said Mrs. Shawn Patton.

West also made the comment on TMZ that 400 years of slavery sounded like a choice. A member of the newsroom at TMZ was highly offended and said something to West about it. The situation got very heated and even led to a confrontation at the member’s desk. Afterwards Kanye went to the member and apologized and even gave him a hug and spoke the words “I love you bro and I’m sorry I hurt you”.

“I have disowned him as black and I think that he is very disrespectful to the black community,” said Kaylyn Thomas (11). “I think it’s really stupid because not many people support Trump. And slavery wasn’t a choice, I mean nobody just says I want to be a slave,” said Ayden Porter (11).