Kelly Café Review


The front of the cafe.

Farah Iqbal, Reporter

About six months ago, a small café opened in the West Village Shopping Plaza, named Kelly Café. The café advertises its bubble teas, gelatos and pastries to make for a treat any time of the day.

When I walked in, I didn’t know what it was going to look like or sell really, all I did was smell the sweet pastries that distracted me. The staff said hello and was really welcoming. I saw the gelato and all its different flavors like the lemon pie, caramel butter pecan, and strawberry. My friend and I asked to taste a few flavors and the lady was more than happy to let us try them.

I took my friend Abigail Atkins (10) with me to the café and I asked her overall experience. “The inside and staff is really nice, and it’s a bit overpriced, but based on the quality of the ice cream, I think it’s a really good place to go,” she said.

In the café, they sell pastries like tiramisu, pie, and gelato. Which is an Italian type of ice cream, and they make it by scratch, and bubble tea, which is a flavored type of tea with tapioca or gelatin added.

I really did like the look, staff, and food quality of it all. I think it was a great addition to the plaza, and will definitely please any customer who’s looking for a delicious treat!