Facebook Data Breach Sparks Controversy


facebook leaks millions of users' data

Steven Shin, Reporter

In late March 2018, it became known that over 87 million people’s data had been leaked to an organization known as Cambridge Analytica. This revelation sparked a huge controversy regarding Facebook’s stance on user privacy. Understandably, many people were outraged by this massive leak due to the methods used to collect such data and Facebook’s inaction before the incident became a matter of public debate.

Many people have likely taken online personality quizzes through Facebook – these quizzes seem like quick and harmless forms of entertainment, after all. However, one such quiz prompted users to volunteer information about not only themselves, but their friends, as well. In turn, the organization behind that quiz sold that information to Cambridge Analytica. Such information was used in targeted advertisement to aid certain politicians and lobby groups.

Now that Facebook is stepping in and resolving the issue, most people would be glad. Yet the fact that this data breach has been public knowledge since 2015 left many people unsatisfied. Many have expressed their concern and frustration with the company, indicating that Facebook may be simply reacting to the huge public outcry.

As things begin to settle, there is no way to truly know whether Facebook will take user privacy more seriously. While a more secure future may soon become a reality, it is important to continue to take precautions and be mindful when browsing the web.